BTS visited Washington, D.C and met president Biden K-pop group BTS (BTS), who visited Washington D.C. at the invitation of the White House, was reportedly preparing to meet with President Joe Biden without any official schedule yesterday (30th).

BTS will meet with President Biden at the White House today afternoon (31st) to share their opinions on “countermeasures against Asian hate crimes.” Except Jungkook, the rest of the BTS arrived at Duluth International Airport near Washington, D.C., the previous day to visit the White House.

Jungkook, who left the country a day earlier on the 28th, is expected to stay in New York via LA and join other members in Washington, DC on the same day. It is reported that BTS is spending time individually without any official schedule until this day. On the first day of the visit, V and several other members shared videos of visiting indoor skydiving facilities and indoor golf driving ranges near Washington, D.C. through social networking services (SNS).

They’ll discuss the rising number of hate crimes against Asian Americans… as well as how to achieve better Asian inclusion.