who in Korean language
who in korean language

Who in Korean language is 누구. 누구 has many forms in Korean language. In this lesson, we will learn all the forms of 누구, related words and questions of it.

How to pronounce who in korean

Who is 누구 in korean language and it is pronounced as (NUGU) in korean. 누구 is used while asking questions in korean.

How to write who in Korean

The romanization version of who is 후. But the literal translation of who is 누구 so who is written as 누구.

Who are you? in Korean

Who are you has different forms in Korean. In formal language who are you is 누구세요? 누구 입니까? is also a formal version of who are you in Korean. The informal version of who are you in Korean is 누구야?

How to say who in Korean language?

There are different types of who in korean language. Lets learn all of them


누가 is a shortened form of 누구가. 누가 is used more often. In English, 누가 is a subjective case of who. 누가 is used for selective matters. Let’s see some examples-

누구가 상을 탔어요? / 누가 상을 탔어요? Who won the prize?
누가 나와 결혼 하겠습니까? Who will marry me?
누가 나와 한 평생을 같이 살겠습니까? Who will live entire life with me?


누군 is a short version of 누구는. 누군 is used for exclusive matter.

누구는 되고 누구는 안 되는 이유가 무엇입니까? This sentence can be shortened into 누군 되고 누군 안 되는 이유가 무엇입니까? What is the reason who is okay and who is not?
누군 큰빵을 받고 누군 작은 빵울 받고 왜 차별 합니까? Who is receiving small bread and who is receiving big bread, why do you discriminate people?

누군가 and 누군지

누군가 and 누군지 are used for indirect questions for example.-

‘Who is that man?’. It is a direct question and ‘I don’t know who that man is?’ it is an indirect question. 누군가 and 누군지 are used for this kind of indirect questions. 누군가 is a short form of 누구인가 and 누군지 is a short form of 누구인지.

나는 저 남자가 누군지 모른다. I don’t know who that man is?
나는 저여자가 누군가 모른다. I don’t know who that woman is?
누군지 내 가방을 열어 보았다. Somebody Unkown opened my bag and saw.
누군가 내 문자를 훔쳐 보았다. Somebody unknown stole my text message and saw.

누구나 누구든 누구라도

All they mean anyone. 누구든 means whether who you are, 누구라도 means who you are called. 누구나, 누구든, 누구라도 can be replaced by each other.

누구나 오세요. Anyone please come.
누구든 오세요. whoever you are please come
누구라도 오세요. It doesnt matter who you are please come.

누구나 교통법규를 지켜야 합니다. Anyone should follow traffic rule.
누구든교통법규를 지켜야 합니다. Whoever should follow traffic rule.
누구라도 교통법규를 지켜야 합니다. whoever you are should follow traffic rule.

Different forms of who in korean 누구

누구의 Whose

누구를 Whom

누구에게 To whom. 에게 means to in English and 에게 is used after people and animal.

이것은 누구의 차 입니까?
누구를 선택할지 모르겠다. Im sure whom to choose.
누구에게 상이 돌아갈 지 모르겠습니다. To whome prize will return, im not sure.

who in Korean language
who in korean language