which in korean
which in korean

어떤, 무슨  and 어느 means which in Korean language. But they are slightly different on usage. Lets learn one by one.

어떤 meaning

어떤 means which,’ some’, ‘any’, ‘what’.. and so on in the Korean language. Usually, it is used for asking about characteristics of somebody/something (사람이나 사물의 특성).어떤 is placed before a noun. When you know the reason or source you can use 무슨 and when you know the source and reason you can use 어떤.

무슨  차 마시고 싶어요? In this case, the speaker dont have an idea or knowledge about types of tea.

어떤 차 마시고 싶어요? In this case, the speaker would have an idea or knowledge about types of tea. He/ she can choose tea / select tea.

some people 어떤 사람들

Anything 어떤 것

무슨  versus 어떤

Let’s learn the difference from this example. 

어떤 영화야? 

무슨 영화야?

Both mean which book? 어떤 is used when the speaker has some information about that movie and 무슨  is used when the speaker has no information about that movie

무슨  versus 어느

Both 무슨 and 어느 (eoneu) means which in Korean. Depending upon situations they are used differently.무슨 is used for asking anything about something which was unknown. 무슨 means what and which both in the Korean language. For example-

What movie do you want to see? / Which movie do you want to see? – 무슨  영화 보고 싶어요?

Which language are you studying? 무슨 언어 공부해요?

Even though both 무슨  and 어느 interpreted as which they are used differently. 무슨  and 어느 are followed by noun. 무슨 is used in a general sense. It is used in a more versatile section.

Which food do you like? 무슨 음식 좋아해요?

Which book do you read? 무슨 책 읽어요?

어느 also means which but it is used in a specific case. It is used to select out of a list. Let’s say you are at an ice cream parlor and you are having difficulty in selecting which ice cream and your friend asks which ice cream do you like most?. In his case 어느 아이스크림 더 맘에 들어?

어느 is a word used for indefinite things like 어느 쪽 (an indefinite direction→which/one side/direction)

어느 날 (an indefinite day, one day)

무슨 is not used for person.

김 종운 어떤 사람이에요? (O) It is the correct sentence.

김 종운 무슨 사람이에요? (X) It is the wrong sentence.

Which korean sentence

어느 날 one day

어느 정도 to some degree, to a degree

어느쪽이냐 하면 if anything, rather

어느 점까지 to what extent, how far

어느 것 which one, which

어느 부분? Which part? 

나가는 길이 어느쪽입니까? Which ways are out?

무슨which, what kind of, what sort of

무슨 일을 하세요?What do you do? Which job do you do?

무슨 일이야?What’s the occasion? What’s the problem?

무슨 일이 있어도whatever may happen, come what may, by all means, …

무슨 별자리예요? Which is your zodiac sign? What’s your star sign?

무슨 날 which day?

무슨 잼? Which jam?

어떤 게 좋아요? Which one do you like?

어떤 일이 있더라도 Whatever may happen, by all means.

어떤 의미에서 In a sense, in one sense

어떤 방법으로든 In some way or other

어떤 사람 A certain person, someone

어떤 짓을 해서라도 At all costs, at any cost

어떤 게 좋아요? Which one do you like?

어떤 경로로 Through which channel

어떤 것이 마음에 들어요?  Which ones do you like?

Which of these is the most durable? 어느것이 가장 튼튼해요?

Which one are you gonna pick up? 어느 것을 선택할 거야? 

What is this smell? 이건 무슨 냄새지?

What do you mean? 무슨 뜻이야?

which in korean
which in korean