Where in korean language
Where in korean language

where in Korean – 어디 (eodi)

어디 (eodi) is where in Korean language, and it’s used wherever you’re asking a question about where something is. Korean particles 로, 에, 에서 are used mostly with 어디 and after conjugation, it becomes 어디, 어디에, 어디에서 respectively.

You can say 어디? or 어디야? to your close friend, younger ones and family member. It is an informal way to ask where something is or someone is. 어디요? also mean where and it is a formal way to ask where is something/ someone. By adding 요 you can increase extra politeness in the sentence. 어디 is used for both living and non-living things. 거의 어디서나 means almost everywhere in the Korean language.

어디로 used for the future tense and to show direction.
어디에서 used for the past tense and to show origin or source.
어디에 is used when there is no movement.
어디나 = ‘everywhere’ in Korean.
어디에나 / 어디든지 ‘wherever’ in Korean.
어디서나 / 어디엔가 ‘anywhere in Korean.

어디에 가요? / 어디 가요? Both mean Where are you going? Adding particle doesn’t have any special impact on this sentence. 에 is optional in this sentence.

남친 어디 있어? / 남친 어디 있어요? Both mean where is your boyfriend? Adding 요 to a sentence increase the extra politeness to a sentence.

어디에서 할까요? / 어디서 할까요? Both mean where should we do it at? You can remove the particle 에 from 에서. The only 에 has removed from here.

Where in Korean – eodi Phrases

어디 살아? / 어디 살아요? Where do you live?
그는 어디에 갔니? Where did he go?
너 지금 어디 있니? Where are you now?
너 어디 있었니? Where were you?
두 시간 전에 그 사람은 어디 있었습니까? / 두 시간 전에 그 사람은 어디 있었나요? Where was he 2 hours ago?
너 그 때 어디 있었니? Where were you at that time?
화장실이 어디 있어요? Where is the restroom?
어디 가고 싶어요? Where do you want to go?
당신은 어디에서 파티를 열고 있는 중인가요? Where are you having a party?
당신은 어디에서 파티를 열 건가요? Where are you going to have a party?
존는 지금 어디 있지? Where is john now?

어디서 계산하죠? Where can I check out?
어디사세요 where do you live?
식당이 어디에요? Where is the restaurant?

어디에서 일해? / 어디에서 일해요? Where do you work at?
그녀는 어디에 있었니? Where was she?
당신은 지금 어디 있습니까? Where are you now?
내 가방이 어디갔지? Where is my backpack?
어디야? Where are you? / Where is it?
어디서 그 일이 일어났니? Where did it happen?
미용실이 어디야? / 미용실이 어디예요? Where is the bank?

어디가는 길이세요? Where are you headed?
어디로 가십니까?Where are you going? Where to?
오늘 어디 가세요? Are you going somewhere today?
어디 가는 길이야? Where are you going? Where are you heading?
어디 가시는데요?Where are you going? Where do you want to go?
어디가 어떻게 안 좋으세요? What seems to be the problem?
어디에서 오셨어요? Where do you come from? Where were you born?

Korean Question answer

어디에서 From where? – 장소 Place
어떤 점에서? From where? – 화장실 Bathroom
어떤 곳에서 From where? – 가게 – Shop
어떤 장소에 In which place? – 여기 Here, 그곳에 There
어디 가고 싶어요? = Where do you want to go?
어디야? Where are you? – 방 Room
어디에서 왔어요? Where are you from (from where did you come?) – 나라 Country, 도시 City
어디까지 가고 싶어요? How far do you want to go? = 기차역 – Train station, 학교 – School
어디 살아요? Where do you live? – 대한민국 – South Korea

Korean question words

There are mainly six question words in the Korean language. These 6 Korean question words are called 육하원칙 in the Korean language. They are-


WHICH in Korean language

Where in korean language
Where in korean language