Basic korean words

Succeed With BASIC KOREAN WORDS In 24 Hours

Basic Korean Words    In this lesson, you will learn Basic Korean words about Self-introduction in Korean, Korean...
Basic Korean words

Basic korean words series part 2

Basic Korean words In this lesson, you will learn basic Korean words about animals, vegetables and plants.
으로 로 grammar lesson

으로/로 grammar lesson

으로/로 attaches after a noun. It is a particle that indicates a method, means, and tool of action. This is the...
지 않다 korean negation

지 않다 Korean negation complete guide

Today we're going to learn Adj./ verb 지 않다 (형용사/동사-지 않다). We've already learned the grammar '안 V' which negates an action...
south korean colors

Basic Korean Vocabulary series- 3

In this basic Korean vocabulary lesson, we are going to learn Korean colors, Korean weather, Korean season, and related vocabularies.
지 못하다 grammar

지 못하다 grammar meaning – conjugation

지 못하다 grammar is used when the subject has an intention to do something, but the subject cannot do something, because of...