south korean language
south korean language

South Korean language and hangul day

The official and national language of South Korea is the Korean language. It is also known by hangul. South Korean language is created by the great King Sejong.

south korean language
south korean language

South Korean speaks and writes only one language in their country. In some countries, people speak two or more than two languages and their national languages are also more than two. But in South Korea, they have only one language (Hangul) as a national language. In most part of the world according to state or group of people, they speak different languages but in South Korea, you will find only one language all over the country. The only difference is that the speaking accent or dialect is some different. Korean People call them 사투리.

South Korean language creation

Long ago Koreans used hanja which is the Chinese language. Later king Sejong introduced a new language system of Korean language hangul. Korean people preferred hangul over hanja.

hangul day

Korean remember King Sejong as the greatest ruler of history. His invention (hangul) is the most important part of Korean culture and society. So they celebrate hangul day as a national holiday of Korea.


Every year on October 9 Korean celebrates hangul day. October 9 is a public holiday in South Korea (공휴일). Koreans organize many events on this day to remember the Sejong king.

south-Korean-language Korean letters song

Korean letter has a total of 40 characters.

Basic consonants – 14

Compound consonants – 5

Basic vowels – 10

Compound vowels – 11

Single vowelsDouble VowelsSingle consonantsDouble consonants
ㅏ aㅐ aeㄱ g, k, khㄲ KK
ㅑ yaㅒ yaeㄴ nㄸ TT
ㅓ eoㅔ eㄷ d, tㅃ PP
ㅕ yeoㅖ yeㄹ r, lㅆ SS
ㅗ oㅘ waㅁ mㅉ JJ
ㅛ yoㅙ waeㅂ b, p
ㅜ uㅚ oeㅅ s
ㅠ yuㅝ woㅇ ng or silent at initial position
ㅡ euㅞ weㅈ J
ㅣ iㅟ wiㅊ ch
ㅢ uiㅋ k
ㅌ th
ㅍ ph
ㅎ H

south-Korean-language -Korean alphabet song