pronunciation of Korean
pronunciation of Korean

Guide on the pronunciation of Korean

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO WRITE KOREAN LETTERS A TO Z. And You will also learn the pronunciation of Korean.

YOU WILL BE ABLE TO READ AND WRITE KOREAN ALPHABETS AFTER FINISHING THIS LESSON. Korean letter is known as  Hangul. Hangul is made up of consonants and vowels. Korean alphabets have shapes of a vertical line, a horizontal line, and round circle.

Korean consonants and vowels

ㄱ ㄴ ㄷ ㄹ ㅁ ㅂ ㅅ ㅇ ㅈ ㅊ ㅋ ㅌ ㅍ ㅎ are consonants 


 ㅏ ㅑ ㅓ ㅕ ㅗ ㅛ ㅜ ㅠ ㅡ ㅣ are vowels.

Korean combined vowels

eir ㅐ
eir ㅒ
yeir ㅔ
ere ㅖ
yere ㅘ
woe/where ㅙ
wo ㅝ
wue ㅞ
wei ㅟ
wei ㅢ

Pronunciation of Korean

pronunciation of Korean
pronunciation of Korean

How to write Korean letters a to z

Korean is written both in a vertical and horizontal line. But nowadays the majority of Korean is written horizontally and it is written from left to right.

Though Korean has its own writing system I have written Korean letter A to Z in roman style.
A 에/ 애
B 비
C 시
D 디
E 이
F 엪
G 지
H 엦
I 아이
J 제
K 께
L 엘
M 엠
N 엔
O 오
P 삐
Q 규
R 알
S 에스
T 띠
U 유
V 비
W 덥류
X 엑스
Y 와이
Z 젯

Please watch this video to learn the shape of the Korean alphabets. The video has explained how to write Korean letters.


Pronunciation of Korean alphabet

Korean alphabet has both vowels and consonants. Now let’s learn shape and pronunciation of Korean alphabets one by one.

Korean vowels pronunciation

ㅏ Aa in   Car, BAR, FAR

ㅑ Ya in   Yard, YANGJU

ㅓ eo  in   Song, ARGENTINA

ㅕ yeo Yo in   Yonder, YELLOW

ㅗ O in   Rome, ONE, ROPE

ㅛ Yo as in  Yorkshire,

ㅜ u, OO as in   Boob, LOOP

ㅠ  Yu as in     You, YUMMY

ㅡ eu  in   Good, SHUT

ㅣ ee Like EE/i in   Meet, SIT, BEAT

Pronunciation of Korean consonants

  • ㄱ sounds – g.
  • ㄴ sounds – n.
  • ㄷ sounds – D.
  • ㄹ sounds – l.
  • ㅁ sounds – m.
  • ㅂ sounds – b.
  • ㅅ sounds – S.
  • ㅈ sounds – j.
  • ㅊ sounds – ch.
  • ㅋ sounds – k.
  • ㅇ doesn’t have any sound when it comes first and sounds like (ng) when it is at the bottom of the word.
  • ㅌ sounds – th.
  • ㅍ sounds – p.
  • ㅎ sounds – h.

Pronunciation of Korean

After watching this video you will be able to pronounce Korean letters/ alphabets. So watch carefully till the end and try to pronounce yourself. Native Korean teacher is telling you how to pronounce Korean alphabets.

Pronunciation of Korean words

Here is a list of simple Korean words (Words made from Korean vowels and consonants) and their pronunciations. Try to practice by yourself.

korean vowels sounds

ㅏ = 아프다 (AFUDA) = Pain, Sick, 알다 (ALDA) – Know/ have knowledge, 알 (AL) – Egg

ㅑ = 약속 (Yaksok) – Promise, 약간 (Yakgan) – A little, 야채 (Yachhe) – Vegetable

ㅓ = 업무 (Eupmu) – Business / Work, 어렵다 (Euryopta) – Hard/ Tough/ Difficult

ㅕ = 여 (Ya) – Girl/ woman, 여행 (Yeoheng) Travel/ Tour, 영어 (Yeong eo) – English

ㅗ = 오 (wo) – Five, 옷 (wot) – Cloth/ Dress, 외국인 foreigner, alien

ㅛ = 요청 (Yochheong) – Request/ Demand, 요즘 (Yojum) – These days, Nowadays

ㅜ = 운동 (Undong) – Workout/ Exercise, 위치 (Wichhi) – Position/ Location

ㅠ  = 유치원 (Yuchhiwon) – Kindergarten, 유감 (Yugam) – Regret

ㅡ = 의미 (wemi) Meaning/ sense, 의심 (Wesim) – Doubt, suspicion, 음식 (Umsik) – Food

ㅣ = 이 (Ee) Teeth, 일상 (Ilsang) – Everydaylife, 일어나다 (Iranada) – Rise, Get up

This is all about how to pronounce vowels in korean.

Pronunciation of Korean consonant words

ㄱ = 관심 (khwansim) – interest, attention, 기준 (Kijun) – standard, Criteria

ㄴ = 노력 (Noryak) – effort, 능력 (Nungryak) – ability, 내일 (Neil) – tomorrow, future

ㄷ = 등록 (Dungrok)- registration, 다르다 (Tharuda)- different, 담당자 (Damdangja) the person in charge

ㄹ = 레스토랑 (Resthorang) – restaurant, 라면 (Ramen) – ramen, instant noodles

ㅁ = 문제 (Munje) – question, problem, 목적 (MOkjak) – purpose, object, goal

ㅂ = 방법 (Phangfap) – means, method, 부탁 (Buthak) – request, 분석 (Funsak) – analysis

ㅅ = 상황 (Sanghwang) – situation, 성공 (Seonkhong) – success, 성격 (Seongyak) – character, personality

ㅇ doesn’t have any sound when it comes first and sounds like (ng) when it is at the bottom of the word.

ㅈ = 종류 (Chhongryu) – kind, sort, variety, 준비 (Chunbi) – ready, prepare

ㅊ = 추억 (Chhingu)- memory, recollection, 차이 (Chhai)- difference, 친구 (Chhingu)- friend

ㅋ = 키우다 (Khiuda)- raise, rear, 코끼리 (Khokiri)- elephant, 크기 (Khugi)- size, bulk

ㅌ 특히 (Thukhi)- especially, 통합 (Thonghap)- combine, 태어나다 (Theanada)- be born

ㅍ 표현 (Fyohyeon)- expression, 판매 (Fanme)- sale, sell, 필요 (Firyo)- need

ㅎ = 확인 (Hwakin)- Identify, confirmation, 환경 (Hwangyeong)- the environment, 행동 (Hengdong) – act, action, behaviour.

How to read Korean fast

Here are some tips to improve the Korean reading

1. Read Newspaper and online Korean articles

It is hard to read a newspaper in the Korean language but you have to try reading slowly and consistently. You can try by reading a poem and songs.

2. Singing Korean song

Singing Korean karaoke songs is another great way to read Korean faster. K-pop is famous both inside South Korea and outside of South Korea. You can get these karaoke songs in norebang (Korean karaoke or 노래방). Youtube also has many Korean karaoke songs.

3. Watch K-drama and movies

Korean dramas and movies have gained a lot of popularity. Watching these dramas with Korean subtitles helps to learn Korean faster.

Korean vowel words

아이 Aai – Baby
오이 Woi – Cucumber
우유 Wuyu – Milk
우와 Wuwa – Wow
이유 Iyu – Reason
여우 Yeou – Fox
오 Wo – Five
이 I/ Ee – Two, Teeth
야 Yaa – Hey in English (used only in between friends)

Hangul writing practice sheets pdf

Please click on the pdf link below to access the Korean language pdf file. This link will redirect you to google drive.

Korean from zero pdf

Korean alphabet pdf

Korean writing practice

Korean vowels

Korean consonants