mizon products review

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Mizon is a company that originated from South Korea and has been around for 15 years now.

It’s one of the most recognized brands in K-beauty (Korean beauty) and got its popularity by having over 300 awards won over the years. mizon snail cream and mizon snail eye cream are very popular in South Korea.

The mizon snail line is one of the best-selling mizon products, which you can verify on mizon official website.

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In fact, mizon is such a big brand that it even has mizon stores in South Korea, mizon official shopping site and mizon hot deals.

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mizon products review

They include 80 to 92 per cent of snail secretion filtrate and hyaluronic acid and these two products are there to provide moisture from wrinkle improvement and to help protect the skin from external barriers. it’s really easy to apply on the skin.

It comes in a very nice glass jar with a plastic cap and feels kind of little bit heavy. The cream has a really nice leathery texture. when you apply it, it just feels like other moisturizers and it doesn’t give you any oiliness or any heavy moisturizer.

It is a lightweight cream and it leaves a really glowy looking on the skin and moisturize it. It will give you 8 to 12 hours of moisture in your skin also it has no smell on it. So if you’re allergic to any smelly moisturizer that’s perfect for you.

It doesn’t cost so much if you can easily afford it.

If you have a mark from the previous acne this cream will lighten up. So usually the other cream has promised that it will gradually glow, but this one actually did keep the promise
If you are looking for a moisturizer and you cannot trust any moisturizer that will really work this one you can really really go for it.

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mizon products review