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how in korean

3 different ways to say HOW in Korean -Otoke

There are many names/ words for how in Korean language. They are 어덯게 (Otoke), 어때요, 얼마나. These words are used to ask how did...
korean sentence endings

How many Korean sentence endings are there?

Korean sentence endings with verb endings There are many types of Korean sentence endings. Most of the time Korean sentence endings are verb endings because...
korean texting slang

What are Korean texting slangs, symbol and culture?

Just like LOL, BTW and BRB there are many Korean texting slangs used while chatting. These texting symbols are mainly used by new generation...
aesthetic korean words

100 Must know Beautiful + Aesthetic Korean words

Aesthetic deals with the nature of beauty, taste and philosophy. There are few aesthetic Korean words in the Korean language. The equivalent term of...
basic korean phrases

Must know 1000 Basic Korean Phrases

In this lesson, you will learn basic Korean phrases needed in your daily life in Korea. If you want to learn Korean vocabularies go...
eps topik skill test questions

Eps topik skill test questions

Full set of Eps topik skill test questions When you enter the interview room you have to give your full introduction in Korean. I have...
common korean phrases

How to remember 100 common Korean phrases?

The lesson has lists of  both formal and informal common korean phrases with explanations. In Korean culture, it is very important to use Korean honorifics....
Korean sentences

How To Make Korean Sentences?

It's not difficult to make Korean sentences if you know how to read and write Hangul( Korean alphabets). Sentences are made up of words...
Korean phrases - sentence

Korean-phrases-sentences complete list

complete list of Korean-phrases-sentences In this lesson, you will learn more than 500 Korean phrases and sentences. Korean-phrases-sentences complete list. Korean phrases & sentences Korean-phrases-sentences list 1 ENGLISHKOREANPRONUNCIATIONThat's...