korean texting slang
korean texting slang

Just like LOL, BTW and BRB there are many Korean texting slangs used while chatting. These texting symbols are mainly used by new generation Koreans. The use of slangs, emoticons and symbols in chatting are increasing in Korean texting culture.

Korean texting symbols

Just like English Koreans use many texting symbols and emoticons, smileys and emojis. There is a small difference in their uses. It might be hard to understand which symbols/ emojis means what in English but after you practice you will recognize them. By using different characters for the eyes and mouth Koreans express their emotions. Here are some of the Korean text emojis with meanings.

  • ^ _^ = Happy
  • ^O^ = Extra happy
  • T T = crying
  • ^.^ = blushing
  • ^_- = winking
  • @_@ = confusion
  • -_-+ = anger
  • ^^; = sweating
  • ㅡ.ㅡ = Speechless emoji
  • @.@ = Confused/ overwhelmed emoji
  • +_+ = surprised
  • ㅗ ㅗ = WTF
  • ^_~ = Winking
  • ^3^ = Kissing
  • _ _ = Straight face
  • ㅡ ㅡ = Displeasure.
korean texting symbols

Korean texting slang

– The most used slang in Korean chatting is ㅋㅋㅋ. Writing Korean consonant ㅋ several times. This symbol is used while laughing. ㅋ is used 3 or more times. It is the same as LOL in English.

– ㅎ is also used to express the sound of laughing. It is the same as hehe in English. It is used in the form of 흐 흐 흐, 후 후 후, 하 하 하, 헤, 헤, 헤 or even 허 허 허.

ㄱㅅ -ㄱㅅ is short form of 감사/ 감사합니다. Which means Thank you

ㅈㅅ – ㅈㅅ is a short form of 죄송/ 죄송합니다. which means sorry.

– short form of 헐. It means omg.

ㅗ ㅗ – It means WTF.

ㅁㅊ – Short form of 미친. Which means crazy.

ㅅㅂ – Short form of 시발. which means fuck.

ㅂ ㅅ – Short form of 병신. Which means idiot.

ㅇㅇ – ㅇㅇ is a short form of 응. Which means yes or yeah, right, okay. All these Korean texting symbols are used in casual texting. So beware of sending it on formal chatting.

korean chatting slangs

Here are some of korean chatting slangs.

안녕 – Hi, Hello

ㄱㅊㄱㅊ – its a short form of 괜찮아. It means its okay, I’m fine.

– 걍 is a short form of 그냥. 걍 means just.

– It is short form of 내일. Which means tomorrow.

– It is short form of 시험. Which means exam.

알써 – It is short form of 알겠어. Which means i got it.

– Short form of 다음. Which means next.

남친 – It is short form of 남자친구. Which means boyfriend.

ㅈㅅ – It is used to refuse someone’s request.

ㄷㅊ – Short form of 닥쳐. Which means shut up.

짱나 – Short form of 짜증나. Which means annoying.

– Short form of 지금. which means now.

ㅠㅠ – It means someone is crying. you can also write T T of English alphabet.

– 젤 is a short form of 제일. which means most or best.

재밌다 – 재밌다 is a short form of 재미있다. which means interesting/ to be entertaining.

장난이얌 – It means joking/ kidding

젤 이쁜 – Short form of 제일 이쁜 which means prettiest.

뭐해? – It means What are you doing?/ What are you up to now?

ㅊㅋㅊㅋ – Short form of 축하축하. It means congratulations.

오애 – Why?

– short form of 우리. which means we/us/ our

바빠 – Casual form of 바쁘다. It means busy.

ㄴ ㄴ = 노노 It means no, no.

ㄷ ㄷ – Short form of 덜 덜. Used while feeling like shaking with cold or fright.

ㅂ ㅂ – 바이바이. which means bye.

수고 – It means keep up good work/ Take care.

ㅇ ㄷ? = short form of 어디. which means where are you?

ㄱ ㄱ = (고고) It means lets do this or lets go to this place.

ㅇ ㅋ = (오키) It means okay. It is also written as ㅇㅋㄷㅋ which means Okie dokie.

야근 중 = Means working overtime.

ㄹ듯 – Looks like

못 할 듯 – Looks like can’t do

안돼 – No

Korean texting culture

Koreans use kakaotalk 카카오톡 mostly for texting. They say it 카톡 (Khathok). Most Koreans even the old age group use this app. for texting purpose. Nowadays Facebook messenger is also getting popularity among new generation Koreans. Koreans prefer to chat over phone calls. you can see everyone chatting while travelling on train, bus, and metro.

How to talk to a Korean girl?

If you like any korean girl who is unknown you should start to talk her normally. This way it can be easier. If you talk her in korean it will be much easier to become friend.

How to text a Korean guy?

Just like other countries boys korean boys also like normal girls so try to be normal dont pretend to be like a korean girl (k-pop girl/ k-drama girl). Just be yourself. Dont express your feeling quickly. Try to compliment him like you are handsome (잘 생겼어요).

korean texting slang