korean puns-best korean jokes korean dad joke 아재개그

korean puns also known as korean jokes is called 아재개그 in Korean. 아제 comes from 아저씨 which means middle-aged (dad-like) man and 개그 means joke. So 아재개그 means dad joke. 아재개그 literally used by middle-aged men (dad-like men) do.

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세상에서 가장 지루한 중학교는? What is the most boring middle school in the school? 로딩중 / loading

형 이씨 좀 불러 줘 를 영어로 하면? How to say 형 이씨 좀 불러 in English? 브로콜리 / brocouli
형 means bro
불러 means call
이씨 means lee

직장인이 제일 좋아하는 말은? What is the office worker’s favourite horse? 주말

What country has four arms? Nepal 네팔

What do vampires drink in the morning? 코피

가장 미안한 동물은? 오소리

What do you call a celebrity carrying your luggage? – 짐 Carry.

What is the best day of the week to drink liquor? 술요일

What do Australians carry in their pockets? – 호주머니

물이 갑자기 흩어지면? 해산물

소가 노래를 부르면? 소송

Which number is most chill? 칠 / 7

제일 비싼 새는? 백조

What is the biggest bean in the world?
킹콩! (king kong)

What did the mosquito say to the doctor? 모기 아파요!

What do you call a large piece of tissue? Hyuji. 휴지

Where do all 김밥s come from? 김밥나라

How do cows apologise? 암소 소리

What phone brand do you use to play some songs? 삼성

What do you call a coffee that can’t move? 모카! (moka)

what do you call a motorcycle that is broken? 못타사이클

Which fish goes to high school?Godung-oh Hakkyo 고등어학교

What did the boneless fish say? 오 마이 가시!

세상에서 가장 할콤한 술은? 네 입술

What do you call a cute guy with no ears? 귀없다

Why did the Korean smoker go to the rodeo? 말보러

Why don’t you pay no attention to a small cow? Because it’s 소소

How long does it take to peel an onion? 오년

How old is the average onion? 5년 (o-nyeon)

What’s a real estate agent’s favourite mountain to hike? 부동산! (budongsan)

korean puns-best korean jokes korean dad joke 아재개그