Korean letters

Korean letters

Korean letters are pilar of the Korean language. If you want to learn Korean easily, then this post will be very beneficial for you. In this lesson, we will learn the Korean language in a very deep and easy way. After finishing this lesson, you will prevail in the Korean letters.

Korean letters are made up of Consonants and vowels. Now lets study briefly about them.


• Korean Consonants

ㄱ – g; k
ㄴ – n
ㄷ – d; t
ㄹ – r; l
ㅁ – m
ㅂ – p; b
ㅅ – s
ㅈ – j; ch
ㅊ – CHH; j
ㅋ – kh; q; c
ㅌ – t
ㅍ – p
ㅎ – h
ㅇ – ng

• Korean Double Consonants

ㅉ – JJ
ㄲ – kk
ㅃ – pp
ㅆ – ss
ㄸ – tt

• Korean Vowels

ㅏ – a
ㅑ – ya
ㅓ – eo
ㅕ – yeo
ㅗ – o
ㅛ – yo
ㅡ – eu
ㅜ – u
ㅠ – yu
ㅣ – i

• Korean Double Vowels

ㅐ – ae
ㅒ – yae
ㅔ – e
ㅖ – ye
ㅘ – WA
ㅙ – wae
ㅚ – oe
ㅝ – wo
ㅞ – we
ㅟ – wi
ㅢ – ui

Korean alphabet pronunciation

Korean alphabet worksheets for beginners

Korean letters

Click here to download PDF file of Korean alphabet worksheets.

Korean PDF File

Korean writing system

Today, the Korean alphabet consists of 14 consonants and 10 vowels. Korean words are formed by the combinations of consonants and vowels. Korean can be written both vertically and horizontally, but in general practice nowadays Korean write hangul horizontally from left to right.

How to make Korean words

Korean words are made up of vowels only and by the mixture of vowels and consonants.

Korean words made by vowels only are 

오이 – woi – cucumber

아이 – Aee – child

우유 – wuyu – Milk

Korean words made by vowels and consonants are 

사람 – Saram – Human

사랑 – Sarang – Love

아버지 – Abeoji – Father, Dad

선생님 – sansengnim – Teacher, Guru

가위 – khawi – scissor

김치 – kimchhi – kimchi / fermented vegetables

나이 – Nai – Age

날 – Nal – Day

날씨 – Nalsi – Weather

일 – Eel – Day, work