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Basic Korean grammar

Korean irregular verb ㅂ Conjugation

   Today, we’re going to learn Korean irregular verb ㅂ, ㅂ irregular conjugation. This is the second part of Korean irregular verb series. We...
basic korean grammar

Korean irregular verb ㄹ conjugation

         Today, we’re going to learn Korean irregular verb ㄹ conjugation ‘ㄹ’ 불규칙 (‘ㄹ’ irregular conjugation). This lesson has four parts: First of...
(으)ㄴ는 Noun Modifier

Noun modifier (으)ㄴ/는 complete study

Basic Korean Grammar (으)ㄴ/는 (으)ㄴ/는 attaches after adjective stems and it functions to modify the following nouns. And it shows the state of the noun....

verb 는 grammar- complete package

Korean grammar 는 Today, we’re going to learn ‘Verb-는 Noun.’ Last time, we’ve learned - Korean grammar 은/는 and Korean grammar 을/를 when the adjective ‘따뜻하다 (to...
은 는 이 가

Korean grammar 은는 이가 – 10 best way of learning

Korean grammar 은/는 이/가 The most important grammar in the Korean language is Korean grammar 은는 이가. It is the first section of learning grammar...