korean grammar 기(가)
korean grammar 기(가)

When 기 is added after the verb and adjectives it (기) makes changes to those verbs and adjectives into a noun. In simple words, 기 changes verbs and adjectives into nouns. 기 is similar withing in English. 기 should be added after the verb and adjective stems. After the attachment 기 play a role as a noun  (가) which is a particle added after a noun and before an adjective. The particle (가) can be omitted (you can either use it or don’t use it).

쉽다(easy), 어렵다(difficult, )좋다(good), 싫다(hate), 나쁘다(bad), 편하다(comfortable), 불편하다(uncomfortable), 힘들다(difficult) etc adjectives are frequently used with 기(가).

기(가) examples

집이 멀어서 공장에 가기가 어려워요. My house is far, so going to the factory is difficult.

한국말하기가 어려워요. Speaking korean is difficult.

외국인에게는 기차를 타기가 어렵습니다. Taking the train is difficult.

여기서 택시 타기가 불편해요. Taking the bus from here is inconvenient.

한국 드라마 보기를 좋아해요. I like watching korean dramas.

한국어를 발음하기 어려워요. Pronouncing korean is difficult

혼자 여행가기 싫어해요. I hate traveling alone.

요리하기 쉬워요. Cooking is easy.

처음에는 한국음식을 먹기가 어려웠어요. Eating korean food was difficult at first.

수영하기 어려워요. Swimming is difficult.

다리를 다쳐서 축구하기가 힘들다. Because of my injured leg it’s hard to play soccer.

기(가) usages

Base form-기Base form-기
읽다: to read읽+기 = reading하다: to do하+기 = Doing
쓰다: to write쓰+기 = writing치다: to hit치+기 = Hitting
사다: to buy사+기 = buying먹다: to eat먹+기 = Eating
놀다: to play놀+기 = playing움직이다: to move (around)움직이+기 = Moving
사랑하다: to love사랑하+기 = Loving마시다: to drink.마시+기 = Drinking
오다: to come오+기 = Coming생각하다: to think생각하+기 = Thinking
말하다: to speak말하+기 = Speaking싫어하다: to dislike/hate싫어하+기 = Disliking
알다: to know알+기 = Knowing보다: to see/watch보+기 = Watching
일어나다: to wake up일어나+기 = Waking up걷다: to walk걷+기 = Walking
원하다: to want원하+기 = Wanting가르치다: to teach가르치+기 = Teaching
춤추다: to dance춤추+기 = Dancing쓰다: to write쓰+기 = Writing
듣다: to listen/hear듣+기 = Listening울다: to cry울+기 = Crying
씻다: to wash씻+기 = Washing좋아하다: to like좋아하+기 = Liking
만들다: to make/create.만들+기 = Making전화하다: to call전화하+기 = Calling
만나다: to meet만나+기 = Meeting입다: to wear입+기 = Wearing
찍다: to take (picture)찍+기 = Taking picture운전하다: to drive운전하+기 = Driving
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korean grammar 기(가)
korean grammar 기(가)