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Korean Exclamations/ Interjections list (한국어 감탄사)

In this lesson, we will study the most common Korean exclamations/ interjections. Interjections and exclamations are expressions we produce when we feel surprised or when we react to something (리액션과 감정 표현).

Korean exclamations word list

Now let’s learn Korean interjections/ exclamations list that can be expressed in words.

Alas! 아! 슬프다!
Attaboy! 옳지! 잘한다!
Aww! (귀엽거나 달달한 것을 봤을 때)
Boo! (비난, 야유할 때) 우우!
Bravo! (감탄, 격려, 칭찬할 때) 잘한다!
Damn! 젠장! 빌어먹을!
Duh. 당연한 거잖아.
Ew! (더럽거나 징그러운 것을 봤을 때) 으엑!
Fantastic! 환상적 이네요.
Fine! 몃져요!
Gee!(Jesus의 완곡한 표현) 체! 허!
God bless me! 하나님 맙소사!
Gorgeous! 굉장해요!
Gosh!(God의 완곡한 표현) 아이쿠!
Great! 대단해요!
Hooray는 “만세”의 의미가 있으며
hurrah /hooray 기쁨을 표현할때 씁니다”Let’s celebrate!”
Jeez! / Geez! 맙소사!
Jesus! 주여!
Meh… 그저 그래.
Mhmm (상대방의 말을 경청할 때, 동의할 때)
mm /mmm, /mmh 좋을때 음~”Lovely”
My God! 야단났군!
Nah~ 에이 아니야~
Oh my god! / Oh my gosh! 대박!
Oh, my goodness! 이걸 어째!
Oh, my gosh! 큰일났네!
Oops! 이런! 내 실수.
OOPS! = “이크”, “이런”
Ouch! (아플 때) 아야!
OUCH! = “아야
Phew 피곤하고 지쳤을 때
PHEW! = “휴”
Splendid! 눈부셔요!
Super! 최고예요!
Superb! 최고예요!
Ta-da! 짜잔!
UGH! = “윽”, “웩”
Wonderful! 놀라와요!
Woohoo기쁨을 나타내는 “와 ~”
WOW! = “우와”, “와”
Yay! – “Yes!” 예~
YIPPEE! = “야호”, “만세”
대박- amazing/cool/awesome. It’s like 아이고 used by young people. When more than expected happens.
뭐?/뭐라고?- huh/what? (casual way of saying pardon)
아- ah – It is used when you have understanding or realization/ also can mean ouch. Ah okay, understand! (아! 알겠어~)
아! 나 이제 알았어! – Ahh now I understand!
아~~ – ahh When you really/ deeply understand (enlighten).
아이고- oh my, oops Mostly used by older women (like mothers, grandmothers) or men.
아이구- ohh/ah/ Oops (when something unfortunate happens) Elders mostly use this. used in funerals and in moaning.
야!- Hey! casual/informal way of calling someone.
얼쑤!- Traditional Korean sound used when you’re enjoying/agreeing to something, used by the older generation.
얼짱 means best face
에이- no way/are you kidding me I don’t believe your words, you kidding me~’ like that.
예~~ 이겼다 “Yay! We won!”
오~-oh – when you’re amazed
우와- Woah/wow When you hear something amazing or impressive.
짱!- amazing/great/ best
ㅋㅋㅋ- lol/laughing sound Korean version of LOL. “ㅋ” on the internet is used for laughing.
ㅎㅎㅎ-haha It is also a laughing sound (a little bit calm version)
하하- haha, It is also a laughing sound.
허허- laughter for middle-aged/old men
헐- omg/damn. It’s like 아이고 used by young people. When you are super happy.
헤헤- hehe (more innocent laughter)
헤헿- heheh (laughter with this face😏 )
호호- laughter for usually middle-aged women.
흠- It sounds like hmm or Umm.

Korean exclamations phrase lists

Now let’s learn exclamations used by native English speakers and their Korean meanings.
Expressing surprise in Korean list
How fast he runs! 그는 정말 빨리 달리는구나!
How small the house is! 그 집은 매우 작아!
That’s amazing! 놀랍군요!
That’s awesome. 굉장해요.
That’s incredible! 믿을 수가 없군요.
That’s nonsense! 말도 안돼요!
That’s ridiculous! 터무니없네요!
That’s shocking! 충격적이네요!
That’s silly! 바보같이!
That’s terrific! 굉장하군요!
That’s unbelievable! 믿을 수가 없네요.
What a great idea! 아주 좋은 생각이에요!
What a kind boy you are! 너는 참 친절하구나!
What a man! 그사람!(어이가 없거나 너무 감탄을 했을 때 사용)
What a nerve! 대단한 용기예요!
What a pity 너무 불쌍해!
What a pity! 이를 어쩐담!
What a pretty girl she is! 그녀는 매우 귀여워!
What a relief! 정말 다행이에요!
What a shame! 정말 안됐어요!
What a surprise! 대단히 놀랍군요!
What good boys they are! 그들은 정말 훌륭한 소년들이구나!

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