Korean exclamation
Korean exclamation

Most famous Korean exclamation words

Korean exclamation is 감탄사 (Gam tan sa). There are many Korean exclamation sounds in the Korean language.  If you want to speak like native Korean you have to use those exclamations frequently. during your conversation. Those exclamation sounds make your conversation natural and more interesting. Now let’s learn those exclamations of the Korean language with examples.

야! (Ya)

Probably 야! (Ya) is the most commonly used exclamation word by Korean people and it is used to express different feelings like affection, frustration or anger.

에이스 (Aish)

This one is also the most commonly used exclamation word by Korean people. It is used to show the feeling of frustration or irritation like F***, Sh*t, Damn

우와 (u-wa)

Literally, it means wow. When you feel amused you have to use this 우와 (Wuwa.

엄마 (Ohmma)

When you are surprised or afraid of something you have to use this. It means mom.

엄마야 (Umma ya)

Normally girls say this exclamation when they feel or show sudden shock or alarm. 엄마 means mom so this exclamation is calling mom. Nobody says 아빠야 but everybody says 엄마야 Oh Maya.

아/ 아야 (AH/ Aya)

It means Ouch! in korean. Normally both male and female use this word 아 when they are hit by someone or when they feel pain. But sometimes Korean female use 아야 when they have pain.

진짜요? [jin-jja-yo?]

It means For real? in Korean.

정말요? [jeong-mal-yo?]

It also means Really? in Korean.


It means awesome/ cool. 짱이야 means you look great/ awesome.

대박 (Daebak)

대박 (Daebak) means awesome. When you’re amazed by something or when something is unbelievable you have to use this expression. Young generation people use them but old generations like our mom/ dad, grandmom/granddad don’t use them. when you saw something amazing in a good way you can use it. But when you saw something believable and you don’t like it, still you can say

그래요? [geu-rae-yo?]

It means Is that so? In Korean.

아이구/아이고! (Aaigu/Aaigo)

It means *sigh* / Whew! / Oops! in Korean.

헐 (Hull)

헐 (Hull) means what the…..This expression also used when you are surprised or amazed. This expression is used to say ‘how is that possible, oh that sucks. So 헐 (Hull) can be used in both positive and negative situation. When a situation is really astonished in a negative way. When you’re really surprised but you can’t believe it in a bad way 헐 (Hull) is used.

아싸 [a-ssa]

It means Yay! / Hurrah! in Korean.

그렇구나/그렇군요 (geu-reo-kuna/ Geu-rao-kunyo)

It is used to say I see. I understand.

네? [ne?]

It means Yes? in Korean. When you don’t understand or didn’t hear and you have to ask again you use this expression.

/뭐라고? (Mwo/Mworago?)

It is the same as 네?. It is used to ask again like What? What did you say?

헉 (Huk)

It means oh my god in English. 헉 (Huk) is like a gasp in English. So it means *gasp* / OMG! in Korean.

글쎄/ 글쎄요 (geul-se/geul-seyo)

It is used when you are not sure about something.

어? [eo?]

It means Huh? in Korean and It is a casual/ informal expression. It is used during a phone conversation or direct conversation.

에이 (ei)

It is used to say are you kidding me? It is used when you don’t believe someone.


Korean exclamation mark

In Korean exclamatory mark is known as 느낌표 [neu-ggimpyo]. 느낌표 [neu-ggimpyo]/ exclamatory mark is used to express surprise and it is used at the last of a sentence. For example-

아, 너 여기 있었네요! = Oh, you are here.


Korean exclamation
Korean exclamation