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most used Korean curse words

The equivalent term of the curse is 욕 (yok) in the Korean language. There are many Korean curse words in Korea. When Korean people become angry with another person they start to insult others using curses (yok). Normally foreigners who work in a factory have to face many insults and get (yok) from their Korean coworkers and boss.

Sometimes Korean people get angry and because of a lack of proper knowledge of the Korean language, foreigners think that they are insulted by 욕 (yok), but many Korean don’t use (yok) even after getting mad.



Korean curse words in English | dirty korean words and phrases

개새 [gae-sae] short form of 개새끼 [gae-sae-ggi]
개새 [gae-sae]- son of a bitch short, short form of 개새끼 [gae-sae-ggi]
걸레 같은 년 (Gulleh gateun nyun) – S;ut, whore
극혐 (geukyeom) extremely disgusting
꺼저 (gguh-juh) – Get the hell out, Leave me alone
꺼져 (kkeo-jyeo)- Get the fuck out of here, go to Hell.
노잼 (nojaem) boring
딸딸이나 쳐! [ddal-ddal-i-na cheo] masturbate (you’re not my type)
또라이 (tto-rai) – Someone who is nonsensical or crazy.
미친 년 (Mee-cheen nyun) – crazy bitch
미친 놈 (Mee cheen nom) – crazy bastard
미친 새끼 [mi-chin sae-ggi]- Crazy son of a bitch, crazy guy
병신 (Byung sin) – Dumbass, retard
병신 새끼 [byeong-sin saek-ki] – A diseased person / Motherfucker
보지 (boh jee) – Pussy
쌍놈(년) [ssang-nom(nyeon)] low-born bastard (bitch)
씨발 (Shibal) – Fuck, Fucking
씨발년 [ssi-bal-nyeon] – Fucking bitch
씨발새끼 [ssibal-saekki] – Fucking son of a bitch
씹새끼 [sshib-saeg-gi] fucking son-of-a-bitch, Piece of shit, bitch, fucker
엠창 (em-chang) – Your mother is a prostitute
염병 [youm-byoung] Typhoid (enteric) fever, a contagious disease. It is used to describe when someone looks sick.
엿 먹어 (yut-mugguh) – Fuck you
젠장 (jen-jang) – Shit, goddamn,damn it
젠장 (jen-jang)- Shit, goddamn, damn it
좆 같은 놈(년) [jeot-gat-eun-nom(nyeon)] lit. you look like a dick/ penis
좆 같은 씨발 놈 [jot gat-eon ssi-bal-nom-a] Dick-like fucking bastard/ jerk
좆됐어 [jojdwaess-eo] I am fucked/it’s fucked
지랄 (Ji-ral) – Bullshit. Epilepsy
짜증나 ! – irritate
쪼다새끼 [jjo-da-sae-ggi] narrow-minded jerk
촌놈 (chon-nom)- Roughly equivalent to “country bumpkin”.
호로새끼 [ho-ro-sae-ggi] & 호로자식 [ho-ro-ja-sik] bastard son/ bastard offspring.

what are bad words in Korean?

나쁘다 meaning

나쁘다 (Na beu dah) means bad and poor in Korean. Poor in a sense of low quality. The antonym of 나쁘다 is 좋다. Here are some examples of 나쁘다-

  • 기분 진짜 나쁘다. I’m in a bad mood.
  • 그 남자 성격 진짜 나쁘다. That man has a really bad character/ personality.
  • 나쁜 말 또 하면 맴매 한다. If you speak a bad word again, I’ll spank you.
  • 나쁜 생각 하지마. Don’t think bad.

After the conjugation 나쁜 can be used.

  • 나쁜 사람 – Badman/guy
  • 나쁜 말 – Bad word
  • 나쁜 피 – Bad blood
  • 나쁜 놈 – Bad guy/ Jerk

Swearing in Korean 

Here is a list of swearing words in Korean language.

개 [gae] dog or cur (used with other swears to curse somebody)
걸레 [geol-lae] a slut
갈보 [gal-bo] a prostitute, a whore
개새끼 [gae-sae-ggi] – son of a bitch (literally “a dog’s child”). The shortened form is 개새 [gae-sae].
(Offensive word) bitch
놈 [nom] bastard/ Jerk
변태 새끼! [byeon-tae sae-kkki] fucking perv
미친 [mi-chin] mad/crazy/rabid. Most often used with 새끼,놈, 년. 미친새끼 [mi-chin saeggi] crazy SOB, 미친년 [mi-chin nyeon] a crazy bitch, 미친사람 [mi-chin saram] a madman 미친놈 [mi-chin nom] a crazy bastard/ jerk/ crazy guy.
쌍 [ssang] / 썅 [sshyang] – low-born. Most often used In combination with 놈- 쌍놈 [ssang-nom] low bastard
씨발 [ssi-bal] similar to “you fucking” in English. The shortened form is 씹 [sshib]
좆 [jot] – The penis/ dick or cock, Like shit
ㅗㅗ [o-o] chatting symbol for “fuck you,” because it resembles two middle fingers sticking up.

Are there curse words in Korean?

Yes, there are many Korean curse words in Korea. The curse is called 욕 in Korean.

How do you say WTF in Korean?

씨발 / 뭐 시발? is WTF in korean.

What is Shibal in Korean?

Shibal in Korean means oh shit… Or oh fuck…. It also means motherfucker.When something goes wrong, When people get angry, annoyed or frustrated they use the word shibal. It is written as 시발/ 씨발. This is the most used cuss word by Korean and it is used with aaish (aish shibal) 아이씨 씨발. When Koreans get extremely frustrated they say the offensive word Shibal-saekki-ya (씨발새끼야) which means you fucking asshole.

Is Babo a bad word?

babo is not a bad word. Though the basic meaning is stupid, dumb it is used easily among close friends.

Is aish a bad word?

아이씨 ‘aish’ alone is a little harsh term and translated as Darn” or Ugh. But when it is combined with shibal it is considered a bad and offensive word. Korean use this aish term with friends and colleagues. 아이씨발means What the fuck in Korean.

Korean curse words