funny korean words
funny korean words

If you are a foreigner then there are many funny Korean words in the Korean language. Some Konglish words are also funny. If you don’t know what a Konglish word means then you can visit this page of Konglish words. Let’s learn funny Korean words (Konglish) with meanings.

Funny korean words and meanings


Funny Korean words – Konglish

  • SNS (에스엔에스) = SNS means social media like Facebook, Instagram, kakaotalk, youtube etc.
  • Skin (스킨) = 스킨 doesn’t mean skin but it means toner which we apply to our skin.
  • NG (엔쥐) = 엔쥐 sounds ‘not good’ but its meaning is bloopers.
  • Selca (셀카) = 셀카 means selfie to take a picture. SelCa(abbreviation of Self Camera)
  • Lens (렌즈) = 렌즈 means contacts/contact lens that people put on their eyes.
  • Talent (탤런트) = 탤런트 doesn’t mean talent but it means actors and actress.
  • 프리사이즈 (Free size) = One size fits all
  • 다이어트 (diet) – weight loss
  • 플래쉬 (flash) – Flashlight
  • ㅅ스토킹 (stocking) – pantyhose
  • 싸인펜 (sign pen) – marker pen
  • Running machine (런닝머신) = 런닝머신 means treadmill.
  • White (화이트) = 화이트 means whiteout. (normally used in schools/colleges)
  • Eye-shopping (아이 쇼핑) = 아이 쇼핑 means window-shopping.
  • Morning-call (모닝콜) = 모닝콜 means wake up call. Normally used in the hotel. (call me and wake me up)
  • 컴퓨터 – computer
  • 아파트 (apart) – Apartment
  • 에어컨 (Air-con) – 에어컨 means air-conditioner.
  • 리모컨 (Remo-con) – 리모컨 means remote control
  • 원플러스원 (1plus1) – Buy 1 get 1 free
  • 썬팅 (Sunting) – tinting
  • 카 센터 (car center) – car repair shop
  • 엑스라지 (x-large) – Extra large
  • 알레르기 (allergy) – Allergy (알러지)
  • 렌트카 (Rent car) – Rental car
  • 힙 (HIp) – Butt
  • 비닐봉투 (Vynil bag) – plastic bag
  • 광고 (cf) – commercial
  • 헬스 Health  – 헬스 means 쥠 Gym
  • 본드 (bond) – 본드 means glue.
  • 컨닝 (Cunning) – Cheating in a test.
  • 미팅 (Meeting) – A group blind date.
  • 헌팅 (hunting) – 헌팅 means on the prowl to find a date.
  • 오바이트 (Overeat) – 오바이트 means to vomit.
  • 밴드 (Band) – 밴드 doesn’t mean music band but it means Plaster/ band-aid
  • 원샷 (one-shot) – 원샷 means bottom’s up. It is used while drinking alcohol.
  • 노트북 (Notebook) – 노트북 means laptop
  • 원피스 (One piece) – 원피스 means one-piece dress.
  • 와이셔츠 (Y-shirt) 와이셔츠 means collared dress shirt with Y shape.
  • 개그맨 Gag-man – It means Comedian 코미디언.
  • 후드 Hood means  Hoodie 후디 
  • 집업 ZIp-up means  Jacket 재킷
  • 콘센트 (consent) – 콘센트 means power socket
  • 싸인 (sign) –  싸인 means autograph
  • 핸드폰 (Handphone) –means Cell phone, Mobile phone
  • 오픈카 Open-car  – 오픈카 means Convertible 컨버터블.
  • 린스 (Rinse) – 린스 means conditioner
  • 핸들 (handle) – steering wheel.
  • 홈페이지 (homepage) – website
  • 이벤트 (event) – promotional event
  • 트레이닝바지 (training pants) – sweat pants/ track pants
  • 슈퍼 (super) – supermarket/ convenience store.
  • 오토바이 (Autobi) – 오토바이 means motorbike.
  • 팬티 (panty) – 팬티 means Underwear (Male and female)
  • 스킨십 Skinship – 오픈카 Physical Touch/ physical affection 피지컬 터치.
  •  사이다 Cider – 사이다 Sprite 스프 롸잇 and coke.
  • 매니큐어 Manicure  – 매니큐어 means just Nail polish 네일 폴리쉬.
  • 그랜드 오픈 Grand-open – 그랜드 오픈 means Grand-opening 그랜드 오프닝.
  • 파이팅 Fighting 파이팅 means Go go go!, You can do it!, You go (girl), cheer up! 
  • 텔레비 TereBi – TV/ television


Funny Korean words in English

Below are some of the funny Korean word lists. They are not Konglish words but they are funny words.

  • Panss(빤쓰) means Underwear
  • A/S means Warranty (A/S 센터 – repair centre)
  • 서비스 (Service) Free item or additional product without charge
  • 린스 Rinse – Hair conditioner
  • 프로, Pro -> Percentage (퍼센티지)
  • Costco(코스트코) – Costco (no silence in Konglish)
  • 스킨 Skin -> Toner
  • 후드 Hood – Hoodie
  • 웃겨요~ that’s funny, it’s funny‬ ‪웃다- to smile, laugh‬ ‪웃기다- to make sb laugh; to be funny‬.
  • 넌 너무 웃겨- you are so funny!‬
  • 청소년 – 청소 is cleaning and 년  is…… Years. But 청소년 means youth/ teenager.
  • 우산을 먹다
  •  I lost my borrowed umbrella during my stay in Busan and my mom told me I “eat umbrellas”. Idiomatic usage of 먹다 is not to return items that you borrowed from someone.
  • 싱글벙글 means smiling broadly.
  • 얼렁뚱땅: do something half-assed; beat around the bush
  • 쭉쭉빵빵: voluptuous
  • 어쩌구 저쩌구: blah, blah, blah
  • 기타 등등: etcetera
  • 오져따리 basically means “awesome” or “dope”
  • 귀가 얇다 (Kwi-ga yalb-da) – It is used to say that you have “thin ears”.
  • 나이를 먹다 (Na-i-reul meok-da) – it literally means, “eat your age” and actual meaning is also same becoming old.
  • 닭똥집 (Dalk-ddong-jib) – Literal meaning is chicken’s poop house’ but the actual meaning is the chicken gizzard house.
  • 닭살 (Dak-sal) Literally means chicken skin but the actual meaning is goosebumps.
  • 마음을 먹다 (Ma-eum-eul meok-da) – It literally means, “I ate my mind” but the actual meaning is “I made up my mind”.
  • 별똥별 (Byul-ddong-byul) It means shooting star (‘a star that poops a star’)
  • 불꽃 (Bool-gote) It literal meaning is ‘fire flower’ but the actual meaning is a firework.
  • 붕어빵이다 (Bung-eo-bbang-i-da) It means two persons are look alike.
  • 손목 (Son-mok) Literal meaning hand neck But the actual meaning is wrist!
  • 손이 심심해 (son-ee shim-shim-hae) Literally means hands are bored but it means you want to do something like a craft.
  • 손이 크다 (son-i keu-da) – It means you have big hands (you’re generous).
  • 엉덩이가 바지를 먹었어 (Ungdungee-ga paji-leul mugussuh) – literally means “my butt ate my pants” and actual meaning is also similar walking funny because of a wedgie.
  • 입이 심심해 (Eeb-ee shim-shim-hae) Literal meaning is mouth is bored but the actual meaning is the speaker is neither hungry nor full.

If you want to learn more funny Korean words just type 콩글리쉬 on Google, you will find more funny words.


Funny Korean onomatopoeia sounds


There are a lot of Korean words that utilize some Korean onomatopoeia sounds and repetition and also make funny Korean words.


  1. 뚱뚱한 (ddoong ddong han) – fat or chubby, pronounced as 똥  which means poop.
  2. 방귀 (banggui) – fart
  3. 구구 (koo koo) – cooing of a pigeon
  4. 야옹 (yaong) – meowing of a cat


English loan words

Now let’s learn English loan words that are fun and easy to remember.

  1. – apartment is apartu, 아파트
  2. – fork is pokeu, 포크
  3. – barf, pronounced obaiteu (overeat), 오바이트
  4. – dress, pronounced wonpiseu (one piece), 원피스
  5. – window shopping, pronounced aishyoping (eye shopping), 아이쇼핑
  6. – cell phone, pronounced hendupon (hand phone), 핸드폰
  7. – A meal that your mother prepared, 엄준식(엄마가 준비한 식사)
  8. – Spicy Mixed Noodles, 네넴띤(비빔면)
  9. – An internet curse in which all your ㅇs turn into ㅁs. 네모 멈뭄미

Korean tongue twisters 잰말놀이

  • 굴뚝벽돌 벽돌굴뚝 – chimney brick brick chimney.
  •  삼삼오오. “Three three five five”, (by) twos and threes.
  • 단뽀뽀: dandelion (민들레) in 경북 dialect.
  • 오바이트 하다 – vomit, throw up, barf, puke.

some Korean words have the same sounds but different meanings.

  • 동 (Dong) – East
  • 똥 (Tong) – Poo
  • 통 (Thong) – Pot/ Vessel/ Barrel
  • 잊어버리다 (Ijeohbarida) – Forgot
  • 잃어버리다 (Ireohbarida) – Lost
funny korean words
funny korean words