dog in korean
dog in korean

개(khe) is a dog in Korean. 강아지 is a puppy in Korean. 멍멍이 (Meong-meong-ee) is the cutest way of calling dogs and puppies. Normally children us this word 멍멍이. When a dog barks it produces a sound like 멍멍(woof).

Dog commands in Korean

There are many cute versions of Korean dog commands to lay down, stand (sit pretty), play, roll over, jump, and to sleep(bed). These are some famous dog commands in Korean.

가자 : gaja : lets go!
가져와 : gajeowa : fetch
공 : gong : ball
과자 : gwaja : treat/snack
굴러 : gulleo : roll
그만해 = stop
기다려 : gidalyeo : wait
기다려 wait
냅둬 Leave it
놓아 : noh-a : let go
누워 lay down
달려 = run
돌다 : dolda : turn
돌아 : turn
들어 or 말 들어 : listen
들어가 : deureoga : go in
들어봐 : deul-eobwa : listen
만져 : touch
만지다 : manjida : touch
먹어 : meog-eo : eat
뱉다 Drop it, but literally “spit”
뱉어 Drop it
붙잡다 : butjabda : grab
빌다 : bilda : beg
빌어 : beg
손 : son : paw
안돼 : andwae : no
앉아 : anja : sit
엎드려 : eopdeulyeo : down
엎드려 lay down
여기 Focus
여기있네 : here it is
여기있어 : yeogiiss-eo : here it is
이리와 – come here
이리와 : iliwa : come here/ this way
일어서 : il-eoseo : stand up
잘 했어 : jal haess-eo : well done
잡아 : grab
점프! = Jump!
주워와 : juwowa : pick it up
짖다 : jittta : bark ?
짖어 : bark
코 = nose
하지마 : hajima : don’t do that

People also say 가만 to their dogs when they want them to wait. 손 literally means hand but in dog command it means handshake. Bite! (careful) is 물어! And Jump! Is 점프! Follow is 따라와 and Put It Down/ Let Go is 놓아. lay is 내려놔 and 뽀뽀 is kiss in korean dog command.

Here is a romanized version of korean dog commands.

ahn dweh = no

ahn jah = sit

chal haet suh = good job/boy/girl

ee lee wah = come

juhm pooh = jump (engrish)

kee dah lyuh = wait

mool uh = bite

muk uh = eat

Sohn = shake

up dul yuh = lay down

Dog breeds in Korean

진도개 (jindo-khe) = Jindo. This dog is a breed unique to Korea (Jindo Island)

아키타 (akita) = Akita

불도그 (buldogeu) = Bulldog

푸들 (Fudul) = Poodle

달마시안 (Dalmathian) = Dalmatian

콜리 (kholli) = Collie

발벳 (Barbet) = Barbet

비숑 프리제 (Fisyong furije) = Bichon Frise

Korean dog breeds

As more and more Koreans are welcoming dogs into their homes the idea of consuming their meat is starting to wear down but what are the most popular dogs to be welcomed into Korean homes? Here is a list of the most famous korean dog breeds.

1 Korean Mastiff (Dosa Gae)

The Korean Mastiff is best known for its wrinkly face and body along with its massive size they are often referred to by their owners as gentle giants.

2. Korean Jindo

It is a mid-sized dog that stands between 18 to 22 inches in height and weighs anywhere between 30 to 50 pounds its body is well proportioned and is built for hunting and guarding the Jindo is known for its loyalty . Korean jindo  breed was listed as a national treasure which made it almost impossible to export outside of South Korea because

of their agility and strong hunting abilities many military police teams and search and rescue operations added Jindo x’ to their team.

3. Nureongi Dog

This breed is also known as korean yellow spitz. This breed has a medium sized body It looks similar to the jindo but it has yellow patches on its coat.

4. Sapsali- 

Sapsali is also known as lion  a little simildog.It isar to the old english sheepdog. It is a mid sized dog. It has a height of 19-23 inches and weight is in between 35-60 pounds. It has long hair so those hair often covers the eyes.

5. Jeju dog– 

Korean jeju dogs are rectangular in dimension (length is longer than height). THis breed weighs about 40 to 60 pounds and height is about 20 inches.

Korean dog meat breed


Nureongi is the most famous dog breed for meat consumption. Every dog meat market has this breed in Korea. But the production of this breed has declined slowly as new generation koreans refused to eat meat.

Tosa Inu

It has a large body. It is a native japanese breed, and mainly used for meat purposes.

Korean Mastiff

It has a large body with a massive head and it’s also used for meat consumption.

Pungsan dog

Actually it is a north korean breed and also famous for meat consumption.

Some other dog breeds used for meat purpose are-

Jeju Dog



Korean Jindo

Small dog breeds in Korean

Here is a list of top 10 smallest dog breeds in korean

  • Pug- 퍼그
  • Penikingese- 페키니지
  • Bolonka- 보롱카
  • Maltese- 말티즈
  • Biewer terrier – 비바 테리어
  • Pomeranian – 포메라니안
  • Prague Ratter – 프라하 래터
  • Yorkshire Terrier – 프크셔 테리어
  • Chiwawa- 치와와
  • Russian toy Terrier- 러시안 토이 테리어

Korean national dog

Korean Jindo (진돗개) which was originated in jindo island is national dog of korea. Jindo/ Chindo/ Jindo Gae/ JindoGae are some other names of Jindo dogs.

Most popular dog breeds in Korea

Koreans like small dogs. Shih Tzu, (small) poodles, yorkies, Bichons are common. Away from seoul and big cities there are alot of 진도 (Jindo Dog) also.

According to 2018 data of most common dog breeds of korea maltese is the most famous dog breed and poodle is the second most famous breed.

Puppy names in Korean

Korean dog names are fun and cool. Their names are the result of cultural and emotional attachments. After doing some research we have collected some dogs and puppies names.

Wonsoongi Monkey

U-Yeong Glory and honour

Yu-Jin Precious

Yong Brave

Seung Winning

Seulgi Wisdom

Mee Beautiful

Heangbogi Happy and is a sweetHea Grace

Korean male dog name

Baek  Brother

Beom  A model

Bong  A mythical bird

Bon-Hwa  Glorious

Jae Wealthy

Jae-Hee Shining

Jashik Child

Chul Neither hard nor soft

Chung-Ae Noble and love

Dae Greatness

Daeshim The greatest mind

Dak-Ho A deep lake

Darangee Its eye-catching rice terraces

Eun Charity

Geon Strength

Gojo Inspired by the first-ever kingdom of Korea

Haengbogi Happy

Haenguni Lucky

Hak-Kun A person with literary roots

Haneul Heavenly

Hoon Teaching

Horang-i Tiger

Ho-Seok Strong and heaven

Hudu Walnut

Hwan Bright and shining

Hyun Intelligent and bright

Hyun Ki Clever, wise, expert, and intelligent

Hyun Shik Smart, brilliant, and clever

Female dog names in Korean

Ae-Cha A loving daughter

Soo Noble, kind, and charitable

Sook Pure

Sunja Meek and mild

Taebaek A smaller korean mountain

Wonsoongi Monkey

Wook Sunrise

Ye-Jin Valuable and precious

Yun Lotus flower

Podo Grape

Sang Mutual

Sarangi Lovely

Seong Finished

Seonggye Sea urchin

Shin Belief

Areum Beauty

Bada Sea’ or ‘ocean

Bae Inspiration

Baekdu The highest mountain in Korea

Baram Wind

Bitna Shining

Bokshiri Fluffy

Bomi Springtime

Bo-mi ‘o.’ it means ‘pretty

Bong-Cha The ultimate girl

Chin Precious

Chin-Sun Goodness and truthfulness

Cho Beautiful

Choon-Hee Born in spring

Chung Cha Noble

Chun-Hei Grace and justice

Dubu Tofu

Eui Righteousness

Eun Silver

Gaeul Autumn

Gi Brave

Haneul Heaven

Haru Day

Hayan Pale or white.

Unisex dog names in Korean

These names can fit both in males and females

Yong – brave

Yon – blossom

Woong – magnificence

Soo – excellence

Shin – belief

Sang – forever

Ryung – the light

Myung – brightness

Moon – learned

Min – Clever

Kyong – brightness

Jung – righteous

Jin – jewel

Ji – wisdom

Ja – attractive

Iseul – dew

Hyun – virtuous

Ho – goodness

Hei – grace and wisdom

Hee – brightness

Haneul – heaven/sky

Gi – brave

Dong – east

Dae – greatness

Chun – spring

Cho – beautiful/handsome

Chin – precious

How to write a dog in Korean?

Dog has many names in korean like개(khe), 강아지 is a puppy in korean. 멍멍이 (Meong-meong-ee) is the cutest way version of dogs and puppies.

How to say dog poop in Korean?

개똥 is dog poop (Dog shit) in korean.개 is dog and is poop in korean.

How do you say dog meat in Korean?

개고기 is dog meat in korean and 보신탕 is famous dog meat soup.

dog in Korean
Dog breeds in Korea