Daebak meaning
Daebak meaning

Daebak meaning with examples

Daebak meaning in Korean is awesome/ wow/big win etc. Daebak (대박) is used to express your amazement in korean language. So it’s similar to saying amazing or awesome. You can say Daebak when you have to say oh that’s awesome in Korean. It is formed by combining
Dae 대 = D ㄷ+ Aeㅐ
Bak 박 = B ㅂ + Aㅏ + K ㄱ

In the past when people used to play card games. If someone played cards well and won many times, (won all the money), or a jackpot then it is called ‘박’ (bak). ‘대’ means big, If you combine these two words it becomes daebak which literally means big win.
Daebak can be heard commonly on the street and in media. Daebak is a big win. It is used when something is very successful. Daebak is also used when something is funny and when someone tells you an epic story.
대박 웃겨! = Awesomely funny.

Daebak is also used to compliment others. Let’s see an example-
한국말 대박 잘하시네요. You speak Korean very well.
영어 대박 잘하시네요. You speak English very well.

Daebak is also used for wishing others ‘break a leg’. Let’s see an example-
곰연 대박 나세요. I wish you big success on the performance.

Daebak is also used for wishing others good luck. Let’s see an example-
수능 대박 나세요. I wish you big success on the Korean SAT.

Daebak (대박) is very commonly used among young people but some cool grandparents also use this. This can be used in all kinds of situations. When you’re surprised, when you’re shocked, when you’re very happy about something you can say Daebak (대박).

Daebak (대박) is an exclamatory phrase that means it is used like this 대박!. It can be used in a situation when you think something is so good, surprising or it can also be used in a situation when you hear something shocking.
When you try new food and it’s great you say Daebak 대박!
When you hear shocking news from a friend you say Daebak 대박!
If someone gets a very high score on a quiz you say Daebak 대박!
“대박이네!” that’s awesome!

Daebak 대박 is most commonly used in Korean dramas. Awesome, cool, amazing, stunning, that rocks all those words can be replaced by just one word in Korean that is Daebak(대박). Daebak is a word for wow. Daebak means ‘unexpected great thing’. 대박[dae bak] is used for expressing your feelings to show astonishing feelings when unexpected events happen.

when you have a secret crush and your friend told you that she’ll fix you up with him then you can say oh my god (Daebak)

You didn’t study at all then you got A+ for the test then you can say Daebak(대박) oh my god.
You can use 헐 and Daebak(대박) together. By adding 헐 it emphasizes the meaning and this can be used in almost any situation.

Oh, Daebak means oh that’s awesome.
맛 대박 means awesome taste.

When something is super awesome then you can say Wang daebak (왕 대박). You can speak 대박 only or 대박이다 in forms of phrase.
그 노래 완전 대박이야! That music is super lit!
이 삼겹살 완전 대박이야! This Samgyeopsal (pork strips)is really good!
When you tell your friend that you saw really hot guy, 그 남자 대박 잘생겼어! That guy was super hot!
A friend just told you he won the lotto then you can say 대박!

Daebak meaning summary

Daebak 대박 is a slang but it is widely used and is not an ugly word!
Daebak 대박 is actually slang, a slang that is usually used in spoken form than written form. It is used when you see or hear something awesome. Daebak 대박 is usually used in informal situations.
Koreans use this word a lot in real life, which means “It is super! it’s lit! or it is surprising!”. It is not a formal way of speaking but you can use it in any situation with your friends or people who are really close to you.
Daebak has several meanings like a big win, a great success, a big hit, to hit the jackpot, terrific, great, Oh my god.

Daebak meaning