aesthetic korean words
aesthetic korean words

Aesthetic deals with the nature of beauty, taste and philosophy. There are few aesthetic Korean words in the Korean language. The equivalent term of Aesthetic in the Korean language is 심미적, 미학적.

Beautiful Korean phrases

  • 우리 베프야 – Uri fefuya – We are besties. 베프 is translated as BFF.
  • 미소 – Miso – smile
  • 좋아해요. – Chhohahaeyo – I like it.
  • 안아도 돼? – Aan ato dwe? – May i hug you?
  • 나 이노래 좋아해. NaI nolae joh-ahae – I love this song.
  • 너 잘 생겼다. – Neo jal saeng-kyeot-da. – You’re handsome.
  • 보고파 – Bo go pa – I miss you/ I want to see you.
  • 뽀뽀 해 줘. – PPo-PPo hae-jwo. – Kiss me.
  • 보고 싶어요. Fogo sifeoyo – I miss you.
  • 자기야. – Chhagiya – Darling
  • 여자 친구 – Yeoja chhingu -Girl friend
  • 내 사랑 – Ne sarang – My love
  • 행복해 – Hengbokhe – Be happy
  • 불행해요 – Fulhengheyo – Unhappy
  • 필요 없어 Firyo opseo – Dont need/ No need
  • 화가나요 – Hwaganayo – Angry
  • 신나요 – Sinnayo -Excited
  • 무서워요 – Museowoyo – Afraid
  • 불안해요 – Fulanhaeyo – Nervous
  • 미안해요 Mianheyo – Sorry
  • 지루해요 Jiruheyo – Bored
  • 아파요 – Painful – Apayo – Painful
  • 편해요 – Pyeonheyo – comfortable
  • 아름다워요 – Arumdawoyo – Beautiful
  • 귀여워요 – Gwiyeowoyo – Cute
  • 복잡해요 – Bokjapheyo – Complicated
  • 미워해요 – Miwoheyo – Hate
  • 누구야? – Nuguya? – Who are you?
  • 용서해줘 – Yongseo he ju – Forgive me.
  • 너의 – Neo we – Your
  • 나의 – Nawe – My
  • 그의 – khuwe – His
  • 그녀의 – Khunyewe – Her
  • 머리 아파요 – Meori apayo – My head hurts
  • 대박 – Daebak – Awespme
  • 행쇼 – Hengsyo – Be happy
  • 남친 – Nam chhin – Boyfriend
  • 여친 – Yeo-chin – Girlfriend
  • 남사친 – Namsachin – A guy who is just a friend
  • 꿀잼 – KKul- jaem – Something that is fun, funny, interesting. (꿀 means honey and 잼 is the short form of 재미있어 which means interesting.)

Aesthetic Korean words and phrases

Hyo (효) Korean cultural concepts of devotion
가람 [ga-ram] : river
가을 gaeul: autumn
감싸다 To shelter someone or something, figuratively or physically, in order to protect them.
강아지 [Gang-a-ji] : puppy
개새끼 The feeling of being loved.
고양이 [go-yang-i] : cat
꽃길 – literal meaning is flower road, but it means a road/life filled with happiness, almost as if you were walking on a path of flowers
꿈 – dream
나는 심플하다 – I am simple.
나라 [na-ra] : nation
나래 [na-rae] = wing
나르샤 [na-reu-sha] = to fly
난 어떻게 해야되지? What should I do?
내 마음이 들리니 – Nae maeumi deullini – Can you hear my heart?
내 별. 나 미안 My star. I’m sorry.
내 손 잡아줄래? Can you hold my hand?
내숭 – A fake person
너그러움 : ‘nugruum’ – generosity
너는 천사다 – You’re an angel.
너를 사랑해 Love yourself.
넌 혼자가 아니야 – You’re not alone.
널 지켜 줄거야. I will protect you.
노을 – the glow of the setting sun
놓다 which can symbolize letting go of something or someone emotionally.
누리 [nu-ri] = world
눈꽃 – ‘snowflake’. Literally, the word ‘snow’ and ‘flower’ combined. Snowflower sounds better than a snowflake.
눈치 Noon-chi – Art of being in touch with other people’s feelings and emotions to engage and respond to a situation correctly.
눈치가 빠르다 – someone who can comprehend that something is happening to someone.
눈치가 없다 – Somebody who is slow to understand a situation
니가 뭔데? Who do you think you are?
다소다 – to love passionately
답답하다 Feeling of frustration.
답답해 – suffocating
답정너 – The answer is already determined, and you just need to give that answer.
동그라미 dongurami (hardly pronounced u): circle
든해 -The sunlight that fills a house through the window
마주치다 (ma-ju-chi-da) – meeting one another unexpectedly.
망아지 [mang-a-ji] : foal
미르 [mi-reu] = dragon
바다 [ba-da] : ocean
밤 하늘 – Night sky
백일몽 – daydream
별 byeol: star
별빛 – starlight
병아리 [byeong-a-ri] : chick
복덩이 – bok-deong-ee – A [erson who brings good luck/ A lucky charm
소나기 – Sudden downpour of rain that lasts about a minute
송아지 [song-a-ji] : calf
슬기 – wisdom
썸타다 – An awkward stage of dating, where you’ve seen each other casually, but a relationship hasn’t formed yet.
아름다움 : ‘arumdaum’ – beauty
아무도 내 맘을 몰라 – Nobody knows what’s in my heart
애교 – someone who acts adorably to seem sweet and attractive
약속 Promise.
어이없다 – What the heck, beyond common sense.
엄친아 – Used to tell someone better and more talented than you are (between the son of a friend of your mom and you )
여우비 [yeo-u-bi] : rain on a clear day
영원 Eternity, or forever
영원한 – eternal
영혼 – soul
오솔길 – osolgil (strong g) : forest trail
우연 – coincidence/chance
유성 – shooting star
이루어지다 – to be achieved or fulfilled
이슬비 [I-seul-bi] : drizzle
인연 – fate
잘 될 거예요 – Everything will be okay.
정 (jung) – Means friendship, the familiar comfort with another human.
천사 – Jeonsa – Angel
추억 – memories of a special person or place that you care about that you cherish
충분하다 To be sufficient or ample.
치즈년 – Forever
특이성 – uniqueness / peculiarity
하늘 Sounds heavenly itself means sky or heaven
하늬바람 – westward wind
하늬바람 haneuibaram: wind that blows from the west, usually in autumn
한 – a feeling of sorrow and regret
한 (han) -Means sorrow, or pain. It describes the feeling inside the heart.
한류 – hallyu – The Korean wave.
헐 Equivalent to OMGSH
헛웃음 (hut ooth oom) – a half laugh, half sigh.
효도 – Dedicating yourself to your parents by taking good care of them until they die.

aesthetic Korean words
Aesthetic korean words

Cute korean words and phrases

baby 자기
blind date for marriage 맞선
Blind date 소개팅
Boyfriend 남자친구
boyfriend or girlfriend 애인
couple 커플
Date(romantic) 데이트
Engagement 약혼
engagement 약혼
Girlfriend 여자친구
Give me a hug! 안아 줘!
group date 미팅
honey 여보
I like you 좋아해
I like you a lot 많이 좋아해
I love you 사랑해
I love you a lot 많이 사랑해
I love you more and more everyday 시간이 지날수록 더 사랑해
I love you too 나도 사랑해
I love you with all my heart 진심으로 사랑해
I miss you 보고 싶어
I miss your smile 미소가 정말 그리워
I want to be with you 같이 있고 싶어
I want to hug you 안아주고 싶어
I want to kiss you 뽀뽀하고 싶어
I want to see you 보고 싶어
I will give you a hug 안아줄게
It was love at first sight 첫눈에 반했어
kiss 키스
Kiss me please 뽀뽀해 줘
kiss 뽀뽀
love 사랑
lover 연인
Marriage 결혼
remarriage 재혼
secret crush 짝사랑
You are beautiful 예뻐요
You are handsome 잘 생겼어요