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Common Korean adverbs list | adverbs in korean

You can simply add ~게 to the base form of any Korean verb i.e. To be delicious = 맛있다; deliciously = 맛있게. 하다 adjectives will change into ~히 rather than ~하게 i.e. To be quiet = 조용하다; quietly = 조용히.

adverbs in korean / Korean adverbs list

~보다 compared to, — than
가까이 close to, not far
가끔 sometimes
가득히 fully
가만히 still, quietly or softly
가장 the most ~ 적어도 at least
각각 each and every (applied to “both” of any 2 options)
각자 each one or every one
간단히 simply speaking
갑자기 suddenly
같이 together
거의 almost, nearly
게다가 in addition
겨우 barely or narrowly
계속 continuously, keep (as in keep going)
곧 soon
곧바로 at once or straight away
굉장히 very, very much or greatly
굳이 absolutely (implies that something is ‘not necessary’
그냥 just
그다지 so much or to that extent
그래서 and so
그러나 But, however
그러니까 and so it is that
그러면 then, if so, if that’s the case
그러므로 so or hence or therefore
그런데 but, however
그럼 certainly, of course.
그렇게 like that (as in ‘do it like that)
그렇지만 but, however
그리 so or to that extent, so much as
그리고 and, and then
그만 that much or a little amount
그만큼 that much or to that extent
그제 the day before yesterday
근데 but or however
금방 just now or a moment ago
깊이 deeply
깜빡 with a flash or twinkle
깜짝 with a surprise
깨끗이 cleanly or neatly
꼭 definitely, for sure
꽤 fairly or considerably
꾸준히 untiringly, ceaselessly
끝내 the end
내내 all along, the entire time
내지 or (as in ‘this or that)
너무 too (as in “too cold”)
너무나 extremely
높이 high, aloft
늘 always
다 all, everything
다시 again
다행히 fortunately
단순히 simply
단지 simple, merely
당연히 of course
대단히 extremely
더 More
덜 less, incompletely
도로 back, same as ever, same as it was before
마구 continuously, without pause,
마음대로 as you wish
마치 as though, as if
마침 just (as in ‘just on time’ or just ‘in the knick of time’)
마침내 finally, in the end
막 carelessly, at random
막 just now
많이 a lot, many, much
맛있게 deliciously
매년 every year
매우 very
매일 every day
먼저 first
멀리 far away
모두 everybody
몰래 secretly, quietly
몹시 extremely
못~ cannot
무조건 unconditional
무척 extremely
물론 of course
미리 beforehand
및 as well as
바로 right (as in “right here”)
반드시 most certainly
방금 just now
벌써 already
별로 not really (**used with negative sentences)
보통 usually
분명히 obviously
분명히 obviously
비교적 comparatively
빨리 fast, quickly, (in context, it often means ‘hurry’ as well)
사실 actually, really (“the truth is”)
살짝 softly, lightly, just a little
새로 newly, anew
서로 each other, mutually, one another
솔직히 honestly, frankly, candidly
스스로 on one’s own, of one’s own free will
아까 a little while ago
아마 maybe, probably
아마도 maybe, probably
아무래도 never on any account, no matter what
아무리 however much
아무튼 in any case
아주 very, extremely
아직 still; yet (when used with a negative
안~ *goes on the front of a verb and makes the verb negative
안녕히 peacefully
약간 somewhat
어느새 in no time, quickly
어서 (부사) quickly, kindly
어제 yesterday
언제 when
언제나 whenever, some time
언젠가 one of these days, at some time in the future
얼른 fast, quickly, rapidly
얼마나 how many, how much; some
없이 without
엊그제 a few days ago
역시 as expected, likewise
열심히 hard (as in to work hard), enthusiastically, with zeal
영원히 forever
예쁘게 prettily / beautiful
오래 long time, for a long time
오래도록 for long, a long while
오직 only, merely, solely
온통 wholly, entirely
완전히 completely, perfectly
왜 why
왜냐하면 because
우선 first of all, before everything
우연히 accidentally, by chance
유난히 uncommonly, exceptionally
이따가 a little later
이렇게 like this (as in ‘do it like this’)
이리 this way, this direction
이미 already
일찍 early
자꾸 constantly, repeatedly
자꾸만 repeatedly (emphasized)
자세히 in detail
잔뜩 extremely, to the utmost
잘 well
잘못 fault, mistake
잠깐 for a little while
잠시 for a little while
재미있게 fun (funnily!!)
저렇게 like that (as in ‘do it like that)
저리 (to/in) that place
적당히 suitably, properly
전혀 not at all, none-what-so-ever, entirely, utterly, absolutely
절대 absolutely, (in context, often means ‘never’)
절대로 absolutely
점점 and so on and so on, more and more, by degrees
점차 gradually, in steps
정말 really
정말로 really
정확히 exactly
제대로 as proper, as is suitable
제발 kindly, please
제법 quite, fairly, considerably
조금 a little (often used as ‘some’ as well)
조금씩 a little at a time, little by little
조심히 carefully
조용히 quietly
조용히 quietly
좀 a little
주로 principally, mainly
즉 namely, that is to say
지금 now
직접 directly
참 really, truly
천천히 slowly
충분히 enough, sufficiently
특별히 especially
특히 especially
편히 easily, comfortably
푹 completely, entirely rested (deep sleep, long rest)
하여튼 anyways
하지만 but, nevertheless
한꺼번에 all at once
한편 one side, one way
함께 together, with
함부로 indiscriminately, at random
항상 always
해마다 every year, each year
현재 the present time, now, at present
혹은 if that’s not the case
확실히 certainly, for sure
훨씬 by far, very much so
흔히 generally, commonly; often

adverbs in korean Korean adverbs list