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korean terms of endearment

Korean terms of endearment ll Romantic Korean words

자기야 is the most common Korean terms of endearment.우리 강아지 (u-ri gang-a-ji) Korean old people call their grandkids 강아지.우리 which literally means our but...
korean puns-best korean jokes korean dad joke 아재개그

korean puns – Best Korean Jokes – Korean Dad Joke (아재개그)

korean puns also known as korean jokes is called 아재개그 in Korean. 아제 comes from 아저씨 which means middle-aged (dad-like) man and 개그 means...

Korean honorifics/suffixes list, meaning and speech levels

korean honorifics means 존댓말 in korean language. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZLWgN8rbnM What is Banmal Korean?Banmal is used in friends or close relationships. Banmal has casual endings.What is the difference...