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더니 grammar

learn 더니 grammar in 5 minutes

더니 grammar meaning 더니 grammar is used to talk about what I've observed in the past. 더니 is the intermediate level of Korean. This is the...
kdrama expressions

Most used kdrama expressions

In this lesson, you will learn the most used kdrama expressions. This lesson will help to understand kdrama easily. 여보 yeobo = honey, sweetheartAigo (아이구)...
korean endearment terms

Sweetheart in Korean ll korean endearment terms

Korean married and unmarried couples use Korean endearment terms a lot in daily life. In this chapter, you will learn more than 20 Korean...
batchim badchim 받침

How many batchim/ Badchim are there in Korean? – Final Consonants [받침]

How to pronunce batchim/ badchim (받침)? Batchim is written as 받침 in Korean. Badchim is derived from 받치다 which means to support. Batchim supports a...