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Where in korean language

How to say where in Korean – 어디 (eodi) ?

where in Korean - 어디 (eodi) 어디 (eodi) is where in Korean language, and it's used wherever you're asking a question about where something...
kpop words slangs with meaning

Top 100 Kpop words and slangs with meanings

Kpop words list In this lesson, you will learn kpop words list used in kpop lyrics and Used by kpop members during different shows. Most...
funny korean words

Mostly used funny Korean words with meaning

If you are a foreigner then there are many funny Korean words in the Korean language. Some Konglish words are also funny. If you...
Korean exclamation

Most famous 22 Korean exclamation words with examples

Most famous Korean exclamation words Korean exclamation is 감탄사 (Gam tan sa). There are many Korean exclamation sounds in the Korean language.  If you want...