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good evening in Korean greetings

How to say good morning, good evening in Korean greetings?

There is the same phrase for good morning, good afternoon and good evening in Korean greetings. Greeting means 인사 in the Korean language. 안녕하세요!...
게 grammar

What does 게 grammar mean in Korean?

게 grammar is equivalent to (ly) in English. 게 is attached after the verb and an adjective stem. It plays the role of adverb...
korean texting slang

What are Korean texting slangs, symbol and culture?

Just like LOL, BTW and BRB there are many Korean texting slangs used while chatting. These texting symbols are mainly used by new generation...
korean curse words

How to learn Korean curse words easily?

most used Korean curse words The equivalent term of the curse is 욕 (yok) in the Korean language. There are many Korean curse words in...