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common korean phrases

How to remember 100 common Korean phrases?

The lesson has lists of  both formal and informal common korean phrases with explanations. In Korean culture, it is...
아어해 보다

아/어/해 보다 grammar (Basic Korean grammar) guide

아/어/해 보다 grammar is mainly used to tell about past experience(경험) and to try out something(시도).  We already learned the expression 'Verb-아/어/해...
Korean verb Conjugation

3 TOP ways to learn Korean verb Conjugation

In this lesson, you will learn different forms of Korean verbs, Korean verb conjugation,  Bright vowels, dark vowels, dictionary form of Korean...
Topik practice test

eps topik test 2020 model question

Due to covid-19 (corona virus) Eps Topik test are suspended for now Laos CBT(General)2020-05-04 ~ 2020-05-062020-05-13 ~ ..2020-05-18 Undecided
Korean sentences

How To Make Korean Sentences?

It's not difficult to make Korean sentences if you know how to read and write Hangul( Korean alphabets).
basic korean grammar (이)나

(이)나 (나/이나), 거나, 아니면 grammar meaning

    Today we will learn basic Korean grammar (이)나, 거나, and 아니면 particles. These particles indicate a choice between two objects or...
Korean grammar 의 meaning

Basic Korean grammar 의 meaning in English

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6ybEiPlZ8g what is the meaning of 의? Definition of Korean grammar 의 
abecedario coreano

alfabeto coreano del sur (abecedario coreano)

abecedario coreano Coreano consonanteㄱ g (기역) giyeokㄴ n (니은) nieunㄷ d (디귿) digeutㄹ R/L (리을) rieulㅁ M...
Basic korean words

Succeed With BASIC KOREAN WORDS In 24 Hours

Basic Korean Words    In this lesson, you will learn Basic Korean words about Self-introduction in Korean, Korean...
에 비해서 grammar

Easiest way to learn 에 비해서 grammar

 에 비해서 grammar Korean grammar 에 비해서 means to compare. The root word is 에 비하다. It can be...
i love you in korean

10 Ways to say I love you in Korean language

    I'm going to teach you how to say I love you in Korean, Korean phrases and Korean love words. After completing this...
Korean grammar 도

How to use Korean grammar 도

  Korean grammar 도 Full detail Today we are going to learn Korean grammar 도. The meaning of...
eps topik model question

Play learn hangul game

Learn hangul game is all about learning Korean vowels and consonants with their pronunciation. This is a very basic Korean alphabet test...
eps topik model question

Korean vocabulary quiz

Korean vocabulary quiz is a basic Korean quiz to practice Korean words. Korean vocabulary quiz