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basic korean grammar (이)나

(이)나 (나/이나), 거나, 아니면 grammar meaning

    Today we will learn basic Korean grammar (이)나, 거나, and 아니면 particles. These particles indicate a choice between two objects or verbs. These...
Korean grammar 의 meaning

Basic Korean grammar 의 meaning in English

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6ybEiPlZ8g what is the meaning of 의? Definition of Korean grammar 의       Basic Korean grammar 의 communicates the possessive relationship of the thing being the owner of...
abecedario coreano

alfabeto coreano del sur (abecedario coreano)

abecedario coreano Coreano consonanteㄱ g (기역) giyeokㄴ n (니은) nieunㄷ d (디귿) digeutㄹ R/L (리을) rieulㅁ M (미음) mieumㅂ B (비읍) bieupㅅ S (시옷) siotㅇ...
Basic korean words

Succeed With BASIC KOREAN WORDS In 24 Hours

Basic Korean Words    In this lesson, you will learn Basic Korean words about Self-introduction in Korean, Korean family terms and Korean Medical terminologies. How to...