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에 비해서 grammar

Easiest way to learn 에 비해서 grammar

 에 비해서 grammar Introduction Korean grammar 에 비해서 means to compare. The root word is 에 비하다. It...

10 Ways to say I love you in Korean language

10 Ways to say I love you in Korean language     I'm going to teach you how to say...
Korean grammar 도

How to use Korean grammar 도

  Korean grammar 도 Full detail Today we are going to learn Korean grammar 도. The meaning of...
eps topik model question

Simple way to learn hangul game

Learn hangul game is all about learning Korean vowels and consonants with their pronunciation. This is a very basic Korean alphabet test...

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Basic Korean grammar (이)나, 나/이나, ~거나

    Today we will learn basic Korean grammar (이)나, 거나 and 아니면. These particles indicate a choice between two objects or verbs....