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korean onomatopoeia / korean mimetic

Korean Onomatopoeia (의성어) and mimetic sounds lists

Weeseongeo (의성어) is a term used for the name of Korean Onomatopoeia. "Onomatopoeia" is a very long Greek word and it means...
지 않다 korean negation

지 않다 Korean negation complete guide

Today we're going to learn Adj./ verb 지 않다 (형용사/동사-지 않다). We've already learned the grammar '안 V' which negates an action...
만에 grammar

N 만에 grammar meaning + conjugation

만에 grammar is used to say a time period after an event happened or some occasion started. 만에 (man-e) particle is used...
지 못하다 grammar

지 못하다 grammar meaning – conjugation

지 못하다 grammar is used when the subject has an intention to do something, but the subject cannot do something, because of...
는 동안 grammar

는 동안 grammar, meaning, and rule

Noun 동안 expresses the length of time. ‘동안’ is normally used with a time noun. ‘동안’ itself is a noun. So there...
으로 로 grammar lesson

으로/로 grammar lesson

으로/로 attaches after a noun. It is a particle that indicates a method, means, and tool of action. This is the...
는데, 은데, 인데 grammar

은데, 는데, 인데 grammar

In this lesson, we're going to learn 은데, 는데, 인데 (Verb-는데, Adjective-은데, Noun-인데'). 는데, 은데, 인데 are Korean connectors or they are...
How to introduce yourself in Korean

How to introduce yourself in Korean?

In this lesson we're going to look at the expressions that will teach you how to introduce yourself in Korean. We will...
eps topik skill test questions

Eps topik skill test questions

When you enter the interview room you have to give your full introduction in Korean. I have listed some of the important...
Eps topik exam

Eps topik exam sample

The EPS TOPIK Question Book has 2 parts: Listening test and reading test. This is a sample of the EPS TOPIK EXAM SAMPLE eps test exam. There are...
korean grammar list


In this lesson, you will learn all the necessary grammar that you need to become fluent in Korean language.
보다 grammar

How to use 보다 grammar / 보다 (더)?

Today we're going to learn 보다 grammar which is used to compare two or more than two things. In English, 보다 can...
common korean phrases

How to remember 100 common Korean phrases?

The lesson has lists of  both formal and informal common korean phrases with explanations. In Korean culture, it is...
아어해 보다

아/어/해 보다 grammar (Basic Korean grammar) guide

아/어/해 보다 grammar is mainly used to tell about past experience(경험) and to try out something(시도).  We already learned the expression 'Verb-아/어/해...