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Korean Grammar 주세요

주다 – 주세요 grammar meaning, conjugation guide

주세요 meaning 주다 is the root form (Base form) of 주세요 which means 'to give' or 'do it for...
Korean Grammar 면서 으면서

Korean Grammar 으면서 with 10 examples

Korean Grammar 으면서  Today, we’re going to learn Korean Grammar 으면서. The lesson includes 으면서 vs...
Basic Korean Grammar 이가 아니에요

Basic Korean Grammar 이 가 아니에요 full guide

이/가 아니에요 is Korean negation. A negative sentence can be made by using 이/가 아니다. It negates the proceeding noun. 이 가...

Korean grammar 이에요 예요

Korean grammar 이에요 예요 Lesson Today we're going to learn Korean grammar 이에요 예요 which act as Be...
basic korean grammar 입니다, 입니까

A complete guide on 입니다 입니까 grammar

입니다 입니까 grammar lesson Today we are going to study 입니다 입니까 grammar along with 이/가 아닙니다'. 입니다...
Learn Korean grammar

Learn Korean grammar 아서/어서/해서

 Learn Korean grammar 아서/어서/해서 This is the first part of the Korean grammar아서/어서/해서 series. You can access the...
korean irregular verbs

Korean irregular verbs ‘ㄷ’ Irregular Conjugation

Today, we’re going to learn Korean irregular verbs-‘ㄷ’ irregular conjugation. When the final consonant ‘ㄷ’ meets a vowel ‘ㄷ’ changes to ‘ㄹ.’...
Basic Korean grammar

Korean irregular verb ㅂ Conjugation

   Today, we’re going to learn Korean irregular verb ㅂ, ㅂ irregular conjugation. This is the second part of Korean irregular verb...
basic korean grammar

Korean irregular verb ㄹ conjugation

         Today, we’re going to learn Korean irregular verb ㄹ conjugation ‘ㄹ’ 불규칙 (‘ㄹ’ irregular conjugation).
(으)ㄴ는 Noun Modifier

Noun modifier (으)ㄴ/는 complete study

Basic Korean Grammar (으)ㄴ/는 (으)ㄴ/는 attaches after adjective stems and it functions to modify the following nouns. And...

verb 는 grammar- complete package

Korean grammar 는 Today, we’re going to learn ‘Verb-는 Noun.’ Last time, we’ve learned - Korean grammar 은/는 and...
south korean colors

Basic Korean Vocabulary series- 3

In this basic Korean vocabulary lesson, we are going to learn Korean colors, Korean weather, Korean season, and related vocabularies.
Basic Korean words

Basic korean words series part 2

Basic Korean words In this lesson, you will learn basic Korean words about animals, vegetables and plants.
Korean letters

Korean letters and Word formation

Korean letters Korean letters are pilar of the Korean language. If you want to learn Korean easily, then this...